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Grief Meditation

Bonus Episode

July 14, 2021

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Hi friends, 


This is a bonus episode. Made for times when you need that reminder of truth. To be played in those times when you’re grieving, anxious, afraid, exhausted or troubled. 


I notice in these times I often turn to some sort of meditation app or podcast to calm me, but I want to be someone turning to Gods word. I assume I am not alone, so thought I’d put this episode together for you to play in those moments too. That we’re filling our hearts and minds with scripture in these moments. 


I encourage you to head to episodes page. This is episode 17 and if you have a look, I’ve put every bible verse that this show has been created from. Everything I say has been pulled from Gods word and I’ve tried not to alter it too much - just have worded in a way to make this flow neatly from one person's perspective, rather than the different tenses or voices used in the bible. The word of God is more beautiful than mine though, go and read these verses all together. It’s wonderful.


If you’re on the go at the moment, can I encourage you to stop if you can, shut your eyes and listen to the word of God. I also understand the reality of parenting that that might not be possible. Perhaps save this one for a time when you can relax and meditate on Gods word. 



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