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The heart behind Unsung Stories is to reach christian mums, offer solidarity and spur them on to chase Jesus with their whole life. 

You can help us do these in 3 easy ways:


1. Pray

Please pray for the mum who feels like she's alone in her struggles.

Pray for mums to press on and seek to know and love God more.

Please pray that mums will recognise the hardness of motherhood, but choose to live faithful and obedient to God. 

Please pray that mothers will be intentional in pointing their families to Jesus.

Pray for this podcast!

Pray that we might reach the ears and eyes of women who need it.

Please pray that we will be faithful to God and his word above all.

Please pray that our efforts might bear good fruit.

Pray that God will be glorified through this podcast. 


2. Engage

By you interacting with us online, you help the algorithms like us and put us in in front of women who may not have heard about us. 


Want some practical but helpful ideas? 

Subscribe to the podcast

Leave a review 

Share an episode or two

Follow us on Instagram

Comment and Like posts

Save posts

Share posts

Send us a DM

Tag us in your stories

It seems to simple -

all these simple engagements contribute to the success of this show. 


3. Join the team

Team is very loose terminology.

It's a bit of a one woman band over here and I'm definitely scraping by. 

Please, can you help me? 

Social Media, content writing, website/SEO, video editing, podcast editing, video editing, website updating, podcast planning, photography, videography, financial contribution or your own uniques skillset...


A willing heart and attitude is more valuable than practical skills... though practical skills are strongly desired too! please contact me.


everyone has an unsung story

Are you left thinking, God isn't working in my life?

Why do all these women have amazing stories to tell? 

Why don't I? 


I truly believe everyone can see how God is refining them in motherhood, or how motherhood might be consuming us so much that we've lost our love for Jesus.

Do you want to chat through your journey and figure out your unsung story?

Reach out here.

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