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At the heart of it...

So much of following Jesus contrasts to our culture, but also our own belief or thoughts about how we think something should be done.

Helen and I chatted this week about the 'Ideal Christian Woman' and we all build up a pretty similar picture of her.

But, that's our culture!

She sounds amazing, and godly, but I wonder. What is at the heart of this "ideal" woman we strive to be.

Is it pride? That she is more pleasing than others who don't serve as much as her.

Is it fear? That God, or her church, will see her failures and insufficiencies?

Is it validation? That people see that she's gifted in a particular way?

Is it arrogance? Does she believe she's the best person for that role and no one else would be as great as her?

Is there doubt? That all she has to do is have faith in Jesus? That God welcomes her in with open arms just as she is?

Is she feeling indebted? So thankful the gift that God has given her in Jesus, that she wants to pay him back with all that she has in this life?

Is there something to prove? That she's intelligent and knows the Word inside out?

I'm confident there's many underlying heart issues that are driving our desire to be the "ideal, godly woman".

Can I urge you, consider what it is that's driving you. What unpure motives may be there that are you need to repent of?

Don't be chasing an image you've built up in your head. Strive to be like Jesus.

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